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It allows you to accelerate and to brake using only one hand.
It can be installed
in cars with automatic gear and power steering.
It is used by drivers
having a disability to both lower limbs or to both lower limbs and one or both upper limbs. 


It can be applied both on the right and on the left of the steering column, as the driver requires.

It consists of a lever placed under the steering wheel with a double function: by pushing you brake and by pulling you accelerate.
Its particular position allows you to keep the airbag and an easy access to the car controls, without obstructing  or restricting the drive of those drivers, who don’t use it.

The horn and the hill holder brake are placed in the push and pull handle; in this way you can easily control them with the same hand that is using the push and pull.
The design, the strength for its working and the handle are chosen according to the user requirement.

The push and pull is available in the interface, in the "by motor" or in the machanical version.

In the interface version the use of the accelerator pedal can be restored at any moment by pressing a switch placed on the dashboard, in the "by motor" and mechanical ones the original accelerator pedal stays always active.

In the interface and "by motor" versions the device is provided with a safety system that makes the acceleration return automatically at idle when the brake is applied.

The push and pull is CE marked. The interface and "by motor" versions have passed the EMC tests.