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Kivi srl was founded in 1995 after an original and revolutionary idea of Giancarlo Giberti and his wife Carla Fassone: giving the opportunity to disabled people to drive and move independently and safely.

Innovation, empathy and passion are the three fundamental values that enabled us to grow and expand. Our commitment is to design, construct, sell and install driving devices and transfer aids for disabled people, as well as to perform vehicle adaptations to drive from the wheelchair on lowered floor.


Since the very beginning we have established a relationship of mutual trust with our customers, we consider them a great source of inspiration for all kinds of advice, information and intuition.  We are committed to cultivate and value this relationship and to be on the cutting edge of driving solutions for disabled people.

We strongly believe that disabled people are not the ones having to adapt to their driving devices or transport aids, but it’s just the opposite: this is why we do our best to meet their needs and to create a special harmony between them and their vehicle.

Our credibility has strengthened because of the high quality of our driving devices, transfer aids, design innovation and the high standard of our fitted cars and vehicle adaptations for disabled people.

We strongly believe in research activities, which is why each year we invest 20% of our turnover in studying new solutions intended to improve our customers’ lives. Our philosophy is focusing on the product, which leads us today to cover some of our products with a 5 year warranty.

Our system for design, construction, sales and installation of driving devices and car transfer aids for disabled people is ISO 9001 certified. Our products are rigidly tested before reaching our production lines.

Our dedication enables people with motor skills disorders, particularly severe diseases or lesions such as muscular dystrophy, tetraplegia and phocomelia, to drive comfortably, thanks to our “tailor-made” adaptations. Thanks to the dynamic driving tests we run on our adapted vehicles, we can evaluate each individual residual motor skills and therefore we can facilitate a possible introduction to the designated offices for a future driver’s licence  achievement.

The high quality standard in our products is granted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, who made us active partners of the mobility program Autonomy. Furthermore, we have been recognized by Kia and Chevrolet as manufacturers in phase 2: this is the first step to achieve the European Approval on Kia Soul and Chevrolet Orlando, our converted vehicles for driving from the wheelchair. All our driving devices are approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport. In addition, many of our driving devices and transfer aids have also been approved by local government authorities in many European countries, such as the Spanish Ministry of Transport in Spain and Motability in the United Kingdom.


The success of our driving devices enabled us, in just 10 years of activity, to develop markets across the European Union and in some extra-EU countries such as Australia, Israel and New Zealand. As a matter of fact, we supply our widespread dealer network in Italy and around the world with specific technical training.



The quality management system certification


The quality management system certification shows the organizations’ ability to satisfy the customers’ needs, the aim to constantly improve, and provides warranties on their systemic approach in managing the different issues. The most known Technical Norm for quality management system is the ISO 9001, that can be applied to all organizations of any commodity sector. To face the requests of the market, there are different Norms that include the requirements of the ISO 9001, which contain each sector’s specific peculiarities.