KS Wireless is the new gas ring over the steering wheel which allows drivers with reduced mobility to lower limbs to drive with full autonomy. Easy to use, this device allows acceleration by applying a light pressure to the ring.


Thanks to its technology, 100% without cables, KS Wireless requires no wired electronic connections between ring and steering wheel, thus reducing installation times and the impact on car interior design.


This Kivi accelerator is available in two models, either fixed or removable: the first one is firmly fixed to the steering wheel by a wheel adapter; the second one, thanks to a system of springs, can be easily removed in case the driver does not need it to accelerate.


This device, as all other Kivi accelerators, is provided with the “Economy mode” that can reduce the car power (up to 60%) to facilitate all kinds of driving challenges for “learners” as well as for experienced drivers in difficult parking maneuvers. Last but not least it also allows reduction of fuel consumption.


This device can be installed in all cars with automatic gear, sequential transmission or manual gear, if equipped with servo-assisted clutch and it is available in the version by interface and by motor.


KS Wireless is approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked.  This product has a 5 year warranty from invoice date.