The brake lever LF12 makes the brake control manual by transferring it from the pedal to the wheel. It can be installed in cars with automatic gear, sequential transmission or automatic clutch. It represents an ideal driving solution for the drivers with partial or complete lack of lower limbs functionality.


To brake it’s enough to push the lever forward, toward the dashboard. It can be installed on the right or on the left of the steering wheel.


The lever handle consists of a knob made of a material which doesn’t transmit heat or cold to the hand. It’s equipped with three buttons: horn, hill holder and economizer. The economizer (when in combination with a Kivi electronic accelerator) reduces the power of the vehicle: when the device is activated, the power of the car is reduced so as to be ready for those situations requiring particular driving awareness (e.g. newly licensed drivers, parking manoeuvres or simply in city traffic in order to reduce the fuel consumption). To engage the hill holder, just exert a pressure on the lever and press the respective button. To disengage it, just press the lever a bit further down and let go.


This product is approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked. 
This product has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.