The K4, K5 and K6 easy-fit gas rings allow drivers with partial or total functional loss of the lower limbs to drive with only their hands. They can be installed in cars with automatic gear, sequential transmission or automatic clutch and they are placed under the original wheel of the car. All steering wheel adjustments are maintained and the visibility of the on-board instrumentation is not compromised in any way.


The exclusive “cut” shape of the easy-fit gasring has a double functionality: 


 - it increases the space between the gasring itself and the driver’s legs, avoiding the risk of damages, 

 - allows the installation on the majority of vehicles available on the market, including those equipped with a “sports wheel”.


On all models it is possible to activate the ECO mode that reduces the accelerating power of the car to 60%, making parking maneuvers easier and limiting the fuel consumption. This option is recommended especially to “fresh drivers” to help them increase confidence and security when driving. All steering wheel adjustments, in height and length, remain unchanged. These devices are usually combined with a brake lever (Vertical brake lever LF901)


In appearance and in installation mode, these accelerators are identical, but the way they work when driving changes.




K5 easy-fit allows the acceleration both by pulling the ring towards the steering wheel and pushing it towards the dashboard. The user can change his driving style according the road conditions.  


The various accelerating modes with the K5 are:


 - Pulling the gasring towards the steering wheel;

 - Pushing the gasring towards the dashboard;

 - Pushing the gasring with the thumb from the inside of the steering wheel;

 - Pushing the gasring with the thumb while resting the hand on the vertical brake lever.




The K4 and the K6 easy-fit are aesthetically identical to the K5, but they differ in the stroke of the ring that is longer. This allows a gradual and more controlled acceleration movement.


The K4 easy-fit accelerates only by pulling the gasring towards the steering wheel. 



The K6 easy-fit, instead, accelerates by pushing the gasring with the back of the hand or fingers towards the dashboard. 


K4, K5 and K5 are approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked. These products have a 5 year warranty from invoice date.