The wheelchair loading arm makes it easier to load the wheelchair in the back of the car. It can be installed on vehicles with five doors.


When the door is fully opened, the loading arm, controlled by a push-button handset, comes out to clasps the wheelchair and to store it steadily inside the car compartment. It only takes a few minutes to complete the whole cycle.

It can only be used combined with a sliding door, original or converted, or a door operator. Its installation entails the removal of the rear seats in order to make room for the loading arm and the folded wheelchair inside the car. If the car size allows, you can keep the rear seat to the right.


If not in use, the loading arm can be easily removed, which gives the opportunity to refit the original seats. The maximum load of the wheelchair loading arm is 20 Kg.


It is equipped with a safety system, so that:

- When the front door is closed, it cannot be activated.
- In case of an obstacle, it is immediately stopped by a safety system.
- In the event of an electrical system failure, the wheelchair loading arm can be operated manually.


This product was EMC tested and it’s CE-marked. It has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.