During this time of global health emergency, Kivi has tried to look forward and has continued to work, whenever possible, on the new WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE.


This time we have chosen a well-known European brand, with a unique and unmistakable style and one of the best-selling cars in its category because it is beautiful and elegant outside, functional and spacious inside. We are talking about the new Renault Captur, modified by Kivi technicians to allow people in wheelchairs to be drivers or passengers, in complete autonomy and total comfort.


The model we are converting is “Renault Captur Micro Hybrid Essence 140 EDC or 160 EDC” - Automatic transmission. You may see its features on the local Renault website.


The conversion is very similar to the one you have come to know with Kivi Soul: automatic opening of ramp and hatch, automatic suspensions, two folding seats at the back and the possibility to transport up to 4 people at the same time, two of which in their wheelchair at the front.


Internal height is 1420 mm, internal width is 1330 mm. Soon we will have a dedicated website to describe all the equipment and all the technical details.


As for all the previous Kivi cars, we are officially the Manufacturer in phase 2 and our Kivi Captur will have a European homologation that will allow you to register the car directly with no need of testing (driving devices excluded).


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